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ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology Endocrine Section 20 Endocrinology and Nervous Regulation of Reproduction 1) Neural regulation (immediate & short acting; Fig 5-1, 5-2) Simple neural reflex (i.e., ejaculation, Fig 11-13) Target tissue directly innervated by neuron, neurotransmitters released Neuroendocrine regulation (i.e., milk let down, Fig 15-13) Neurohormone released into circulatory system, acts on remote target tissue 2) Endocrine Regulation _________________________ : ductless gland that synthesizes & secretes chemical messenger (hormone) into blood stream, which travels to & acts on target tissues ______________________ : chemical messenger secreted from a ductless gland or tissue that is carried in the blood to a remote target tissue to initiate change in cellular activity. _____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ (HYPO: Fig. 5-3, Fig 5-4) Located in ventral brain, surrounds third ventricle of brain Neural control center for neuropeptides (< 20 AA) from “paired nuclei”
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