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ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology Lab Female Reproductive Anatomy Study Guide Be able to identify the gross anatomical structures of the reproductive tracts of the dog, cat, cow, ewe, and mare. Know the functions of each structure. Be able to identify what species a reproductive tract is from by looking at its gross anatomy. Ovary : Mesovarain Cortex, Medulla (Difference between horse and cow) Primary, secondary, tertiary (Graafian), atretic follicles (Histological characterization too) Corpus hemorrhagica (CH), Corpora lutea (CL), Corpus albicans (CA) **Know the species differences in the number of ovulations that can occur and resulting CLs.
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Unformatted text preview: Oviduct Mesosalpinx Infundibulum, fimbria Ampulla, isthmus, ampullary ‐ isthmic junction, utero ‐ tubal ‐ junction (Histological differences too) Uterus Mesometrium Perimetrium, myometrium, endometrium (Histological differences too), Uterine body/horns, uterine glands (Know major functions of the uterus, Histological characterization) **Know the species differences in uterine horn to uterine body ratio and its significance. Broad ligament Bladder Cervix Cervical rings, crypts, or folds (Know the species differences) Vagina Urethral opening, vestibular glands, suburethral diverticulum, fornix vagina Vestibule External Genitalia Vulva, clitoris Additional Notes:...
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Chpt1A_ANS3319CFemaleAnatLabSG_10 - Oviduct Mesosalpinx...

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