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Chpt5_ANS3319EquineSemenCollectLab_10 - ANS 3319C...

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ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology Lab Semen Collection in the Stallion Objectives 1. To introduce the equipment and techniques necessary for collecting semen from stallions. 2. To gain knowledge of safe and effective stallion-handling procedures. 3. To present a live demonstration of semen collection from the stallion. Equipment Semen is collected from stallions primarily by allowing them to ejaculate into an artificial device which provides an appropriate stimulus to the penis. The stallion is allowed to mount an estrous mare, or an inanimate object called a "dummy" or "phantom," and his penis is deflected into a device that simulates the temperature and pressure of the vagina, typically called an artificial vagina or AV. It is also important to remember that the stallions’ ejaculate contains a gel plug that needs to be separated from the fluid portion of the semen during collection. This is typically done by placing a filter on the collection container that is attached to AV. By preventing the mixing of the gel plug and fluid rich portion of the collection, it allows the producer to further process the semen without it coagulating. If an estrous mare is used, timing can be important, for that stallion may mount and enter the mare before the operator can deflect the penis into the collecting device. Alternatively, a "breeder's bag" or condom can be placed on the stallion's penis and he is allowed to breed a mare naturally. A third method of collecting semen is by manual masturbation. Electro-ejaculation, commonly used to collect semen from bulls and rams, cannot be used with stallions as they do not tolerate the voltage 1) Breeder's bag - This device is just what it sounds like, a condom. In use, it is fitted on the stallion during sexual excitement, after he has been washed. The stallion is then allowed to breed the mare, and as he dismounts, the condom is removed and taken into the laboratory for filtering and evaluating the semen. Condom Pro's - Breeder's bags are relatively inexpensive, and require relatively little skill or experience to use. For this reason, breeders who have only a few mares to breed may consider the breeder's bag as an option. Breeder's bags are ruggedly built, and can be used more than once, if washed carefully. They do not require much training of the stallion. You simply put it on the freshly washed penis and allow him to breed a mare naturally. The breeder's bag is inexpensive.
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ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology Lab – Semen Collection in the Stallion 2 2) Artificial vagina - The artificial vagina (AV) is a device which attempts to mimic conditions of temperature and pressure in the vagina. The stallion is allowed to mount a mare, or phantom and his penis is deflected into the artificial vagina held parallel to the natural position of his penis, and slightly to one side. There are several designs of AV shown below, but the basic design consists of an inner chamber that can be filled with water and/or air to provide appropriate temperature and pressure.
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Chpt5_ANS3319EquineSemenCollectLab_10 - ANS 3319C...

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