Outline - Physics 2005 Summer C term 2009 Instructor...

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Physics 2005 Summer C term 2009 Instructor: G.R.Boyd preferred email: [email protected] otherwise [email protected]fl.edu office: NPB 2153 course hours: M W F 2nd period = 930am to 1030am NPB 1002 office hours: right after class. usually in the ’couch’ rooms down the hall from my office. help in general : i have two jobs here, teaching and research. In general, i’m always available to help students if you set up a time. I have to take care of both those responsibilities, but don’t hesitate to find me for anything. textbook ’technical physics’ what can you actually learn from this class? This is a physics class for nonphysics majors, to state the obvious. There are several things I hope you can take away from this class. First, this is the second term in a year-long sequence where you learn about the physical world –this term focuses on electromagnetism. That’s great! Much of the technol- ogy you are surrounded by and rely on depends intimately on mankind’s knowledge of this physics. Understanding these aspects of the world around you is the first thing you can learn, i hope you can look at the rainbow in a CD’s reflection and experience the world around you one layer deeper than you have before. What is probably far more useful to learn from this class is: how to cope with frustrating problems, learning to master a technical subject, and learning some critical reasoning skills. Instead of banging your head against the wall and leaving frustrated, you have a chance to react dif- ferently to the puzzles physics-problems pose, just as you might react to any difficult circumstance. If we are expected to grow as people in college, then
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This note was uploaded on 07/16/2011 for the course PHY 2005 taught by Professor Lee during the Summer '08 term at University of Florida.

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Outline - Physics 2005 Summer C term 2009 Instructor...

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