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Chapter 18 1. Select the substance that is thought to be partially responsible for depleting the concentration of ozone in the upper atmosphere. A. CFCl 3 B. CO 2 C. O 2 D. N 2 E. NO 2 2. The C Cl bond dissociation energy in CF 3 Cl is 339 kJ/mol. What is the maximum
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Unformatted text preview: wavelength of photons that can rupture this bond? A. 275 nm B. 45.0 nm C. 742 nm D. 353 nm E. 137 nm 3. Which species is primarily responsible for absorbing ultraviolet radiation in the stratosphere? A. N 2 B. O 3 C. CO D. CH 2 Cl 2 E. CO 2...
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