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exam3_concepts - How do Chem 110 concepts show up in the...

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CH110 SP10 SAS 4 What are the properties of ideal gases? What is the partial pressure of a gas in a mixture? How does kinetic molecular theory connect the microscopic properties of gases with observables? How are real gases different from ideal gases? Chapter 10: Gases Chapter 18: Atmospheric Chemistry Chapter 13: (Aqueous) Solutions What reactions occur in the atmosphere?
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Unformatted text preview: How do Chem 110 concepts show up in the atmosphere and environment? • What are electrolytes and how do we calculate the concentration of chemicals in solution? • What is meant by solubility and saturation? • What are colligative properties? • What is heat capacity? • What are the properties of liquids? • How do you use phase diagrams? Chapter 11: Intermolecular Forces...
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