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Grade WorksheetFa10_ALEKs

Grade WorksheetFa10_ALEKs - Bonus if all topics in ALEKs...

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C HEM 110 P OST E XAM 3 G RADE W ORKSHEET Score on Exam 1 (0-100) ______ Multiply by 0.34 1. ______ Score on Exam 2 (0-100) ______ Multiply by 0.34 2. ______ Score on Exam 3 (0-100) ______ Multiply by 0.34 3. ______ Estimated final homework points (ALEKs) (0-100) ______ Multiply by 0.25 4. ______ This number is calculated by adding up the number of homework points you received for the ALEKS assignments and estimating the number of points you will earn for the rest of the semester. The maximum number of points you can get is 100, any amount over 100 is not counted. Estimated final quiz points (0-100) ______ Multiply by 0.15 5. ______ This number is calculated by adding up the grades on all of your on-line quizzes. The maximum grade you can get is 100, any amount over 100 is not counted. If the sum of your quizzes does not equal 100, you have to estimate what you will get on the final two quizzes.
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Unformatted text preview: Bonus: if all topics in ALEKs are completed by Monday Dec. 6 2 course points possible 6. ______ Current grade points in Chem 110 Add lines 1-6 7. ______ Letter grade low-end cutoff 8. ______ Decide what letter grade you are shooting for in Chem 110. Listed below are the low-end cutoffs for that grade as they are listed in the Chem 110 Syllabus. These numbers should not change by more than 1-2 points from semester to semester. A = 180; B = 160; C = 138; D = 114 Points needed Subtract line 7 from line 8 9. ______ for desired grade Estimated grade needed on final exam Divide line 9 by 0.58 10. ______ Now its up to you to adjust your study habits accordingly to achieve this grade. You should realize that if the final grade you calculate for the letter grade you are aiming for is substantially higher than any of your exam scores, you need to make DRASTIC changes in your study habits....
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