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Exam II Questionnaire and Score Report March 1, 2011 Due Tues. March 15, 2011 Name: ________________________ Chem 108 Section:__________ Score on Exam I __________. Score on Exam II __________. Attach a copy of your Exam 2 score report to this questionnaire. What grade do you need/want to get in Chem 110? ____________ What scores do you need to get on Exam III and the Final in order to get this grade? Exam III ___________ Final _____________ 1. (a) Comment on your preparation for exam II compared to exam I. (b) Did this preparation affect your performance on exam II? 2. Analyze your score for exam II. (a) Was your score higher or lower than you expected? (b) On a separate sheet of paper list the concepts being dealt with in the questions you got wrong. (Indicate which test form you took.) (c) On the same page, or on a separate sheet, redo all of the questions you got wrong.
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Unformatted text preview: BE SURE TO SHOW YOUR WORK! (d) Indicate why you got each question wrong. Use the Exam I questionnaire if necessary to help you identify possible problems. Be sure to list any words or phrases (in the question or answers) that you did not know at the time of the test. If you think you made a “careless error,” be sure to specify what that error was, e.g., “I forgot to multiply by 2,” or “I forgot the negative sign.” Attach your list of concepts (2b) and your corrected problems (parts 2c and d) to this questionnaire. YOU WILL GET NO CREDIT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT UNLESS YOU FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. If you are not satisfied with your performance in Chem 110 so far, you should schedule an appointment with your Chem 108 instructor as soon as possible!...
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