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Name: Chem 108 Sec. Number Online Practice Exam II 20 homework points Feb. 22, 2011 Due: Sunday Feb. 28, 2011 midnight Go to the Chem 108 Angel Lessons page and take the practice tests given there. At midnight on Feb. 28th, the tests will no longer be available. (The second Chem 110 exam is on Wednesday March 2 at 8:15 pm.) To get credit for this Chem 108 assignment you must score at least 80% on Exam 2 Practice Test A. You may take this test multiple times if needed to achieve this but each test you take will have different questions. All of the exams have a 75 minute time limit. When you complete the test, you will be told your score but you will not be given the correct answers.
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Unformatted text preview: For maximum benefit: take the exams under “test” conditions: • Do not use books or notes. Only use the Chem 110 data sheet and a periodic table. A copy of the data sheet and Periodic Table are in your Chem 108 packet. DO NOT USE AN ANNOTATED VERSION OF THIS WHEN YOU PRACTICE. • Use a non text programmable calculator: use the same calculator you plan to use on the real Chem 110 test. • Take the test is a quiet place: do not listen to music or allow yourself to be distracted. You will not be allowed to use any kind of electronic devices during the exam. • Practice doing these test in a 75 minute time block....
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