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Post Exam 3 Gradefinder 2011 Score on Exam 1 (0-100) ______ Multiply by 0.34 1. ______ Score on Exam 2 (0-100) ______ Multiply by 0.34 2. ______ Score on Exam 3 (0-100) ______ Multiply by 0.34 3. ______ Estimated final homework points (ALEKS) (0-125) ______ Multiply by 0.12 (=0.15/1.25) 4. ______ This number is calculated by adding up the number of homework points you received for the ALEKS assignments and estimating the number of points you will earn for the rest of the semester. The maximum number of points you can get is 125, any amount over 125 is not counted. MAX number in line 4 is 15 course points. Estimated final on-line quiz points (0-100) ______ Multiply by 0.15 5. ______ This number is calculated by adding up the grades on all of your on-line quizzes. The maximum grade you can get is 100, any amount over 100 is not counted. If the sum of your quizzes does not equal 100, you have to estimate what you will get on the final two quizzes. Estimated final recitation queries points
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