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SP11 PracFinalInstruc - problem Did the solution involve...

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Paper Practice Final Instructions April 12, 2011 Due: Tues. April 26, 2011 Name: ________________________ Chem 108 Section:__________ 1. Read through all of the questions in this practice final. Write down what kind of problem you think each question is: i.e., what concept(s) do you need to know to answer the question. Examples might be: stoichiometry, theoretical yield, hybrid orbitals, ideal gas law, etc. A PROBLEM MAY INVOLVE MORE THAN ONE CONCEPT. 2. Go back and try to do all of the problems. (Try to do them with only a data sheet and periodic table if possible.) Make an answer sheet as you go along (numbered 1-60) with your answers on it. Be sure to write down your work as you go (on separate sheet or on the problem set). Try to be neat and orderly so that you (or someone else) can follow your reasoning. 3. Get help from others or in the Resource room as needed. 4. As you complete problems, look back at what you wrote in part one for the
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Unformatted text preview: problem. Did the solution involve the concepts that you originally expected? Did it involve other concepts that you weren’t expecting? How did your original conclusion affect your approach to the problem? Did it make it easier or harder to arrive at the answer? 5. Mark your answer choices both on the original test and on the answer sheet that you create. You will keep the original test questions, and calculate your score when you get the answer key 6. Hand in the following: ( Please keep each part separate . Be sure to put your name and CHEM 108 section number on each page.) 1. Your list of concepts from part one 2. The answer sheet you create showing your answer choices 3. Papers where you show the work you did to arrive at the answers 7. You will get an answer key on April 26; calculate your score and study what you did incorrectly. Study those areas for your Chem 110 final; get help....
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