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Review for test 1 - Brittani Richter Review for Test 1 1)...

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Brittani Richter Review for Test 1 1) Which of the following represents an effecter in the biological control system of blood pressure? a) Increase in blood pressure 2) Which of the following is steady state most likely to be reached? a) Exercise below threshold 3) HR is 6bpm 40 min workout, HR taken every 2 mins; first 2 min=104, 4 min = 112, 6 min= 121, end = 120 a) This is an example of Homeostasis 4) Steady state exercise, Oxygen deficit is…. . a) High at warm up b) High for trained vs. untrained c) Hign for high intensity vs. low intensity d) Oxygen always same as long as steady state reached 5) Exercise blood glucose decrease below norm. stimulate release glucagon cause level increase to normal glucagon a) Negative feedback loop (homeostasis) 6) Coupled relationship are defined as a) Rxn linked by liberation of free energy in 1 rxn and drive for 2 nd 7) Rxn which released energy called: a) Exergonic 8) The synthesis of molecule is called. . a) Anabolic 9) Definition of exergonic reaction a) Rxn that requires energy to be released 10) Which is true? a) Enzymes have shape modified to inhibit or produce binding 11) Main products of glycolysis for 3 glucose
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Brittani Richter a) 6 ATP, 6 NADH, 6 pyruvate/lactate 12) When there is not enough oxygen or mitochondrial enzymes activity is not sufficient process to pyruvate, glycosis can be prolonged by ____________________ pyruvate to form ___________________. 13) Which is true?
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Review for test 1 - Brittani Richter Review for Test 1 1)...

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