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photography discussion

photography discussion - Technology now days has allowed us...

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I would have to say I agree with the author’s statement “Of all the arts, perhaps none seem to have more elements of realism and objectivity than film, video, and photography.”  I agree  because I truly feel that there is the most realist work behind this art because a photograph, film, or video  cannot lie. It shows you the images the artist is looking at. I believe that a painting could have the elements of  realism and objectivity but a painting the artist can always add or take away what he does not like, while a  photographer cannot. A photographer is stuck working with the true and real world and is not able to add things  other than things that truly exist in life. 
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Unformatted text preview: Technology now days has allowed us to go in and add things that are not realistic but if you are to take the raw material beforehand we have the most natural and realistic image and work of art that we could possibly get without being there. Like the image on page 283 figure 377 Porch by Meyerowitz, is an image that makes you feel like you could relive and maybe even feel like you are there when you take one look at it. It makes you see the nature of a lighting storm while also with the deep color with the pop from the light from inside the house making you wonder what it would be like to have been standing there right as the lighting hit before you heard the thunder....
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