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Partner Report - also really nervous about the final…lots...

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ASL 2301 Partner Report #______ Name: Brittani Richter Score_______/10 Day you met:_11/29/10 Time began ___8:30____ Time ended___9:30_____ Location:___Erin’s House Partner:____Erin Haynes 1. What did you practice in this meeting? Went through the old units up to the point we are now. Practiced our expressive test and helped each other with them. We also practiced describing different animals 2. What was most challenging for you in this unit? Describing some animals…like birds. I feel that I am a little confusing when I try to sing them. I feel like I am not very clear and confuse people easily. 3. What (from this unit) would you like to learn more about (or have clarified) after having this meeting? I feel that I am a little nervous about all of it. I hope that I do well on the expressive test. I am
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Unformatted text preview: also really nervous about the final…lots of info on it. 4. What did you like most about this unit , this meeting and what you practiced ? I enjoyed learning different animal signs, thought my niece them when I was home for turkey day. This meeting was that we were able to help clarify certain things and truly practice see someone else signing. Also Erin was able to help me with my expressive test and gain more confidence. What I practiced, I enjoyed signing different meals I ate and different animals I have seen. 5. What are some specific signs in ASL you would like to know? Otter is there a sign for that or would you fingerspell it? I certify that I met with my partner on the date / time listed above for a minimum of one hour. Signature: Brittani Richter Date: 11/08/10...
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