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Reaction Paper (2)

Reaction Paper (2) - B rit tani Richter Reaction Paper The...

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Brittani Richter Reaction Paper: The Medicated Child I was amazed to find out how young some of these children are when they started them on the medicine and how easy it was for them to just assume there was a “problem” that could be solved with medication. Jacob was a child that had even had his preschool teacher suggesting for his parents to put him on medication for being hyperactive. I felt it was an odd suggestion for a child that young. At the age of four, they are learning how to behave but instead Jacob was prescribed medicine, is that a problem? That led to even more medicine being described to coop with his reaction. However, did they ever thing that maybe his negative reaction was because he didn’t have hyperactive disorder at all? Then by the age of nine being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a day after being taken off medicine, is that too much? I find it odd that the parents kept up with the doctor’s advice; even the mother said all the doctors where mostly experimenting.
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