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Monthly Schedule Today is March 5, 2010. Yesterday I played soccer and volleyball. Next week, will be spring break, I am going to go scuba diving and fishing with my family. Every week, I clean my house; I dust, sweep, and vacuum. Every Monday, I work out, eat, and shower before going to bed. In three weeks, I am going bowling with my friends. Person’s life Next week a man named Tom graduates from TTU. He is 22. He majored in engineering. He took biology, math, and business. One day after graduation, Tom is going camping with family.
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Unformatted text preview: Tomorrow, Tom is going to watch baseball with friends. In two weeks, Tom is going to ask his sweetheart Sally to marry him. He wants to marry Sally in July 2011. Daily Routine Every morning I wake up, get out of bed, and shower. Then, I put on make-up and brush my hair. Then I eat breakfast and clean the dishes. Then, I ride my bike to class. Every afternoon, I eat lunch, go to library to study, and then go home. Every evening, I workout, practice asl, read, and go to bed....
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