Prefixes - MISS, MIT : meaning send MON, MONIT : meaning...

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Prefixes A- : meaning in, on, of, to AC- : meaning to, toward COL- : meaning with, together COUNTER- : meaning against DI- : meaning not, away from IG- : meaning not OB- : meaning over, against, toward PAN- : meaning all RE- : meaning back, again SE- : meaning apart, away SUC-,SUF-: meaning under, beneath SYS- : meaning with, at the same time TELE- : meaning far Roots ACR : meaning bitter ALI : meaning other BELL : meaning war CAS,CAD,CID : meaning fall CAP,CAPT,CEPT : meaning take, seize, hold CEDE,CEED : meaning go, yield CIT : meaning summon, impel CUR,CURR,CURS : meaning run, course DUC,DUCT : meaning lead EV : meaning time, age FAC,FACT,FECT : meaning do, make FER : meaning bear, carry FUG : meaning flee HER, HES : meaning stick, cling ISO : meaning same, equal JECT : meaning throw LUD,LUS : meaning play
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Unformatted text preview: MISS, MIT : meaning send MON, MONIT : meaning warn ORTH : meaning straight, correct PET,PEAT : meaning seek PHIL : meaning love RID,RIS : meaning laugh SED,SID,SESS : meaning sit, seat SUM,SUMPT : meaning take TEN,TAIN,TENT : meaning hold VEN,VENT : meaning come Suffixes-ACIOUS, -CIOUS : meaning characterized by, having the quality-AGE : meaning sum, total-CY : meaning act, state, or position of-DOM : meaning state, rank, that which belongs to-ESCENT : meaning becoming-FY : meaning to make-IOUS : meaning having, characterized by-ISM : meaning belief or practice of-IZE : meaning to act-LOGUE, -LOQUY : meaning speech or writing-OUS : meaning full of, having -SHIP : meaning skill, state of being-TUDE : meaning state or quality of-WARD : meaning in the direction of-Y : meaning full of, like, somewhat...
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Prefixes - MISS, MIT : meaning send MON, MONIT : meaning...

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