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family letter - Robert Sharon Richter 250 Wedgewood St Lake...

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250 Wedgewood St Lake Jackson TX 77566 August 20, 2008 Dear Mom and Dad I am settling in and getting used to this place more and more every day. My dorm has truly grown on me, my first impression was what am I getting myself into and now I feel like this might be alright. I am a little scared about being so far from my family and friends but I am excited at the same time about meeting new people. I have walked my classes and it won’t be bad at all getting from class to class. This campus is so huge, I have gotten lost a few times, but no worries there are enough helpful people to direct me back to my dorm. I think everything will be just fine, as long as I stay focused and remember that you guys are here for me no matter what. I have had a little while to really figure out why I am here and what I want to accomplish before I graduate. I am, hoping to reach many goals that I am setting for myself. My main academic goal is keep a 3.6 or higher all four years, so it will help me fill my dream of making it into the physical therapy program here at the health science center. That means my next goal should be to stay focused and determined in all my classes. Although I have more goals than just academic goals for these next four years, I am hoping to stay mentally and physically well. I hope to just reach overall peace with everything by the time graduation comes. Another main goal is to make new friends and learn from all of them along with keeping all of my friends and family close so I can learn from as well. Another goal is becoming closer to God and keeping Him in my mind every time I make a decision. Of course just to be able to relax and enjoy college, while staying determined on studies. I have also had time to think about how I am going to reach these goals. I am going to reach my
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family letter - Robert Sharon Richter 250 Wedgewood St Lake...

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