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Case Study 3 - B rittani Richter Case Study Worksheet for...

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Brittani Richter Case Study Worksheet for Arnie Rosenthal Client Information Arnie Rosenthal is 31 years old male. He is married to his second wife and currently working as a dentist. Presenting Problems (s) Arnie Rosenthal is currently showing symptoms of cocaine dependence, as well as, marijuana and sedative abuse. Cocaine use has been going on for the past 3 years, he has tried to stop but his compulsions have overridden his willpower. He knows it is expensive but does it any way. He knows it causes him to be moody but his immediate feel good is worth more. Marijuana and sedative use has been going on since a year after marrying his current wife. It has caused him to be involved in unprotected sex with prostitutes. However, he continues to use it because it gives him a good escape from his depression. His depression should be ruled out since you cannot tell at this time if it stands alone. However, his drugs are no longer providing a relief from his feeling of emptiness. Possible traits of borderline PD, he is social isolated, moody, identity disturbance (not knowing what he wants out of life), chronic feeling of emptiness, and impulsivity in self-injurious behavior (with all of his drug use and sex with prostitutes). Symptoms : Cognitive: Arnie knows he has a problem but feels that his drug use is the only thing that will give him that immediate feel good feeling. He does not know who he really is or what he wants in life. He also experiences cognitive distortions.
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Case Study 3 - B rittani Richter Case Study Worksheet for...

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