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Children and Medications - Brittani Richter Children and...

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Brittani Richter Children and Medications The Journal Article I read was called “Stigmatizing Attitudes and Beliefs About Treatment and Psychiatric Medications for Children With Mental Illness” it was actually a study that was done by Bernice A. Pescosolido, Ph.D., Brea L. Perry, M.A., Jack K. Martin, Ph.D., Jane D. McLeod, Ph.D. and Peter S. Jensen, M.D. It looked into the willingness and stigma behind children and adolescents with mental health problems to take psychiatric drugs as well as the way adults look at the children that take them. The “data came from the NSS-C module of General Social Survey of 2002.” They looked at the way people viewed the stigma surrounding treatment for pediatric mental health problems. Main result was that they believed it would “zombify” the children, making them an outsider. The drug treatment is over used, it would affect the growing brain, and delay dealing with the “real” problem. Women were less stigmatized towards it then Men where. In the end they realized that the best way to decrease this concern would be educating the parent and child. Another source I used was a movie on “Frontline: The Medicated Child”. The movie was about Children and Bipolar Disorder. Interviewed families with children that are diagnose with Bipolar disorder, many like Jacob was misdiagnose with ADHD at first. It was about the children’s and family’s reaction to the medicine. How some of the children, like Jacob, were on multiple pills and had tried even more in the past. How there are therapeutic opinions
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Children and Medications - Brittani Richter Children and...

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