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Individual Case Study - Brittani Richter Individual Case...

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Brittani Richter Individual Case Study The Harvard Case Study: The Analyst’s Dilemma (A) is about a young girl who is faced with a dilemma of whether or not to keep her word true to her friend or keep her word with her employer. Her best friend tells her something in confidence that is actually really valuable information for her company that she works for. She is faced with the decision of whether or not she should tell her company the information she knows. The end seemed like she did not tell her company and that her and her best friend decided to not tell each other everything especially the valuable confidential information that could put them in a awkward state like this did. This case study shows you that you have to balance your loyalty with your friends and your loyalty with one’s company, but how, is more of an ethical decision. Some people feel that friends and family triumph everything, and for those people this is an easy question. However, people like the writer of the case study feel loyalty to both. Feel that both have been a huge part of her success and owe it to both of them. This is when one has to decide where the line is. How she stated since she was not in B&B it was separate from her work. I feel this is a good way to look at it. If it is not life or death and you are not in your work clothes, on the clock, or working on work what you hear and talk about with family is completely separate from work. This also means you should not share valuable confidential info like Lori did since work is separate from personal life. However, I do not feel there is a particular degree in which you can show for your employer. However, you have to determine the line for yourself so that you do not cross that line in the future. So, that if you are faced with a dilemma like this you understand where your devotion as a person stands. I know with that being said we do not plan for problems like this nor
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Individual Case Study - Brittani Richter Individual Case...

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