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Writing Assignment 2 - B rit tani Richter Writing...

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Brittani Richter Writing Assignment 2 Juan is 14 years old and is in his adolescent stage. His parents are rather passive and do not have tight rules and does not discuss the consequences of different behaviors. He has low grades in school and has little motivation to change his grades to help further his education. Not only has he engaged in various risky behaviors but has also been caught attempting to run away from his house. Various factors such as environmental and social are all shaping his behavior. There are also certain risk factors for his age group that could be influencing his behavior. Environmental factors come from his surrounds. His parents support and the way they have the household set up; from its rules to the overall interaction between others in the home. He really has more of a lack of support and free range from the parents. Which at his age, he wants independence but still needs the support of the parents as well as some rules and guidance from them. Having neglectful parents have shown an increase in a child’s immaturity, truancy, and delinquency. He could be behaving this way in a sense of seeking out his parent’s attention and wanting them to interact more with him even if it is just rule setting. Another environmental factor could be the setting of the regular education school system
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Writing Assignment 2 - B rit tani Richter Writing...

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