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Brittani Richter Current Event Intro then say well a US border patrol officer is being considered racist with excessive use of arms for responding to rocks being throw at him with a fire arm. State all that happened. Then what the Mexican officials said. Then how they are trying to say we have been over protective of our land because two weeks ago and connect that to the first question of who is becoming more violent the Border Patrol Agents or the immigrants. Conclude with…is it racist or is it protection of one selves? What limit does it take before an officer can protect himself? Statistic “According to Mexico's foreign ministry, the number of Mexicans hurt or killed by U.S. immigration authorities has risen from five in 2008 to 17 so far this year.” The statistc shows violence is increasing somewhere so where is it increasing, Increasing from the immigrants toward us or us toward the immigrants? Would you just sit back and let someone throw this rock at you? How
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Unformatted text preview: would you react? • A Border Patrol officer faced this exact question Monday June 7, 2010. • Group caught entering the border, 2 detained and the rest asked to retreat. • Group didn’t listen, instead circled the officer and began throwing rocks • Officer opened fire and killed a young Mexican boy • This has raised question about the excessive use of firearms and possible racial action showing support for the Arizona law. • Two weeks ago, illegal immigrant forced the officer to the ground and the officer tasered him which caused him to die. • So I ask you the question again…”Is the violence Increasing from the immigrants toward us or us toward the immigrants.” • “Is racism or protection?” “What limit does it take before an officer can protect himself?” • “What would you have done if you were the border patrol officer?”...
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