RITA - Coming home and packing Chasing my cat Finally...

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Brittani Richter Narrative Speech RITA Intro – About where do you think you could get after driving close to 48 hours in a car? Well if you count stopping time as about 8 hours give or take. .and you travel about 70mph you could get about 2,800 miles. Now think of only getting about 320 miles away in that amount of time. Thesis – This is exactly what happened to my family and me during the Rita evacuation. Body— History Class hearing class is cancelled
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Unformatted text preview: Coming home and packing Chasing my cat Finally reaching Conroe Half-way point to Dallas 45 south closed for the cars going North to use the extra lanes Dallas Finally just to hear the storm had turned and it wasnt even going to affect the area traumatically Going home Conclusion Evacuation are not fun, but they are something you have to be prepared for while living on the coast. Do you have a plan?...
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