Aden Crater - ed lava tube responsible for evacuation on...

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Spatter rampart Figure 4: Rampart located along north side of Aden Crater sed lava tube responsible for evacuation of lava underneath rampart on southeast side of Aden Crater Figure 2: Columnar jointing in crust of Aden Crater Figure 1: Small lava tube on west side of Aden Crater Collapsed lava tube Geology of Aden Crater Introduction Aden Crater is located on top of the Aden Flows of South Dona Ana, New Mexico. It lies in the Aden Rift Zone (Hoffer, Kahn, Summerour), east of the West Potrillo Mountains and northwest of Kilbourne Hole. The Aden Rift is the location of several lava cones, shield volcanoes, cinder cones, and explosive maar volcanoes (Hoffer, Kahn, Summerour). The Aden Flow was fed by fissures related to the Robledo Fault (Hoffer, Chen, McLemore, Anthony 1991). The lava of the Aden Flow and Aden Crater is alkali-olivine basalt. There is not much olivine present because as the lava erupted, it was near the olivine liquidus. The lava had a low viscosity, often flowing through lava tubes, and creating lava tongues that blanketed the landscape. Geologic Features Aden Crater is an example of a small shield volcano. The volcano was formed by a sequence radial basaltic flows which built up to form the small shield volcano (Hoffer, Kahn, Summerour). The fluidity of the lava is evident in the lava tongues and the existence of lava tubes (Fig. 1). Lava tongues are similar in geometry to a delta. The lava flows through a channel like a lava tube and once exiting the tube the lava spreads out radially. Very thin flows reach out over 100m from Aden Crater. The low viscosity
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Aden Crater - ed lava tube responsible for evacuation on...

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