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class notes 30 october

class notes 30 october - PR 30 october 2009 entertainment...

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PR 30 october 2009 entertainment personal publicity why learn about personal publicity? *guiding political campaign *ambitious business executive motivating factors in the cult of personality *fame *notoriety example bonnie & clyde *self- glorification example donald trump, terrel owens *repair of bad image example kathy lee gifford put her name on a line of clothing sold at walmart, the clothing was made using child labor. she went on talk shows, sent her husband to honduras, hired a well- known pr guy rubenstein *desire for money example the former dutchess of york sarah ferguson when she divorced she found herself highly in dept hired pr rubenstein, publicity, tv coverage, charities obsession with celebrities *wish fulfillment *hero worship *sense of belonging *excitement of entertainment the practitioner's responsibility *damage control *minimizing misbehavior handling the misquote *reporters resent this *replay the tape *acknowledge that you made a mistake ethics *tell the truth *maintain a low profile
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  • Sammy Sosa, Kathie Lee Gifford, Terrell Owens, Kathy Lee Gifford, personal publicity, glorification example donald

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