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GEOL 4321 Idioblastic – Euhedral Hypidioblastic – Subhedral Xenoblastic – Anhedral Porphyroblast – a larger metamorphic mineral in a matrix of smaller ones Poikiloblast – a porphyroblast with numerous inclusions Granoblastic – equidimensional anhedral crystals of near equal size with fairly straight boundaries meeting at a triple junction Augen – eye shaped mantled porphyroclasts Spaced Foliation – foliation developed in zones separated by non-foliated microlithons Slaty Cleavage – fine-grained continuous cleavage Crenulation Cleavage –
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Unformatted text preview: cleavage or schistosity that becomes microfolded Prekinematic – crystals which were present prior to deformation/metamorphism and were deformed Synkinematic – crystals which grew during deformation/metamorphism Postkinematic – crystals which grew after deformation Wrapped – foliation compressed about a prekinematic porphyroblast Helicitic – folded internal S, indicates post-kinematic porphyroblast Nemtoblastic - orientation of elongate minerals (amphiboles) Lepidoblastic – schistosity formed by platy minerals (micas)...
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