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global warming

global warming - Watters 1 Introduction Earth has existed...

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Watters 1 Introduction Earth has existed for over 4.65 billion years and has been through many chemical and physical changes. In the beginning, Earth started as a molten ball of iron. This ball of iron solidified, resulting in the formation of an atmosphere and the rising of oceans. Land soon began to take shape. Land masses, called continents, began a cyclical habit of being torn apart and merged together over periods of time. Oceans had a habit of their own. The change in position of land masses and change in ocean currents have much to do with the climate of the planet. Scientists agree that there are areas that are presently underwater were once dry land and that some areas of dry land were once under water. This was a result of two things. Firstly, ten thousand years ago, Earth was almost entirely covered in ice. This lowered see levels exposing more land mass. Secondly, there was a point in time when there were no ice caps. The sea level was higher than present day levels causing many present day coastal areas to be submerged under water. There is no question about it; the Earth goes through cycles. Despite this fact, the government is accusing the human race for the cause of present global warming. While they are dumping billions of dollars into research on how to stop it, they are not investigating the other possibilities or causes of global warming. There is hard evidence that ice cores have shown that the Earth goes through global warming and cooling periods. This evidence demonstrates that there is nothing the government can do to stop it. Instead of putting forth efforts, policies, programs, and funds towards trying to stop global warming, the government must simply put in policies to help America prepare for the temperature, weather, and ocean level changes.
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Watters 2 Issue Background The American public began to grow strong interest in global warming around the time Al Gore swept the world with his documentary, Inconvenient Truth , creating mass hysteria. Gore’s data was built from an assortment of figures dating from several hundred thousand years rather than the billions of years the Earth has existed. Growth of hysteria from inaccurate data like this has had the United States government spending 32 billion dollars on climate change research and 36 billion on climate related technologies in the last twenty years 1 . The government has spent zero dollars on anti-global warming
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global warming - Watters 1 Introduction Earth has existed...

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