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KIC000122 - NAME Elm 222 L)W CHEM 1108(Exp 2 Form A...

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Unformatted text preview: ! . NAME Elm 222 L )W CHEM 1108 (Exp 2- Form A) SCORE " a % *Show ALL work to receive credit for the problem. Answers without calculations shown will receive ZERO credit. Answers without proper units will have partial credit deducted. lDf' Kint': , ) cine eras of .t t l, .. I‘d. LL'l‘so 4. f/LLL _ ,M. \ gyfig 6t.__ V) ‘ i If. g P (LP-Ll ? ‘ 2) Write a rate law expression for the following reaction: A+B+C -) D+E, where the reaction is first order in A, second order in B, and third order inC. K: CMXa-‘J" UT" 3) Use the graph below to estimate the activation energy for G + 2H ——9 P + 2M TIMISI no: 4) Identify two different changes to a reaction system that can change the rate of a reaction I, Can oer/Hr fa/‘l’ffi‘n I r TeM‘J‘S jxrl‘fJJ‘Z. ...
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