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Monitoring Acid-Base Titrations with a pH Meter (8)

Monitoring Acid-Base Titrations with a pH Meter (8) - (1 1M...

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Unformatted text preview: (1) 1M HCl solution “Cl I0 (AMW Md Cam (2) 1M N NaoH 30’ a 44/1073 Jim 5W” 450 7613 Con/“Limo“ am] W igm/I W 30H solution m W0 Input/J 11.4.47 W Jig/W ow marrow M 2. (1) Calculate the m experiment. N0; tic-NED; ; ‘M M olarities of HC2H302 and NaC2H302 in the buffer solution you will prepare in this Mot NatlH‘aoL : Jon, (2) Calculate the theoretical pH of this buffer solution. (3) Writ PH: pita i batb’gli51\) : LL74 e the chemical equation for the reaction that occurs when you add 0.10M NaOH solution to the HCzHgOTNaCzl-laoz buffer solution. 1* mm \994 Cenoage Learning i431 H30; -————>7 NM:1 H30, f MUOH “CL H30, . Na :‘H "-3) N510: h.) ()1 ~; l) 97 ...
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