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Solubility Product and the Common Ion Effect (4)

Solubility Product and the Common Ion Effect (4) - 114...

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Unformatted text preview: 114 Principles of Chemistry II 6. The pH at the equivalence point is appropriate for the indicator bromocresol purple (see quesfion #2 above), but it is suggested that phenolphthalein could be used instead. Look up the pH transition range for phenolphthalein, and explain why it would also be an accepted choice. cit ,5 W :5“ PH? 7;:fi9/éow/d fl: WW 7. If the solution is poorly filtered, the filtrate appears cloudy. Why is this? Would the Ksp calculated from this data be higher or lower than the true value? #11 ksp/t/mudfi'jualhm «$ch MW 4'; mm madw ,Q/uiy wow ,6» MAW, saw (mafia/x in mafia [Wm M WW W M (3:942:45, f/chzb— W W 404,;454' ...
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