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Accessory Minerals and Textures

Accessory Minerals and Textures - i“ 5'5 rifgfisffifi...

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Unformatted text preview: ,- _ i“ 5.? '5- , , rifgfisffifi: , *. q .- f: “5 i 5,..- ** Optical Mineralogy — Lab 11 Accessory Minerals and Textures Spring 2009 Objective: The goal of this lab is 1) to introduce the student to some common accessory minerals in igneous and metamorphic rocks and detrital phases in sedimentary rocks. and 2) to introduce the student to textures that are used to determine the basic history of a rock. Part 1 Accessory Minerals: Here there is one slide that contains two accessory minerals that are common in igneous rocks (especially granites). They include zircon and apatite. Locate examples of these two minerals, sketch examples, and state how you can distinguish them from one another. A1-1 (Lachlan Box): / Zircon ‘/ . [fry/1 m/rdf / , FrrfM‘IJ-ro L’Y‘lhk' . Fourth fink, "lop-g ./ Ky?” . Flrnl/d/ exfinc-I'mvr 9Ea+llc / . #:il, reflef 40w .,,4/ law/mm 4”” 'lWMl/‘z/ gfiudfic") : gutSHanl (NI/fi/ Mo cmmrfl [{th ...
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