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KIC004394 - Snmflcr txh’ucLion mwl‘i"1 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Snmflcr txh’ucLion mwl‘i {"1 ?% 1. Straigfil: 45' Idcnlificncion flcuurcment Fig. 254. Extlncdon unglu (fan vibmu'on direction to (010) dcnvaze) In Carlsbad- Fig. 17—4. Measurement of Carlsbad twins. When the trace of the ( 45“ (B) to the cross hairs, the a and b Carlsbad twins bright whereas the albite twins T ‘ brightness and barely discernable. for the albite twins in each of the Carlsbad twins. angles for 21 (Cl and a2 (D) are mehsured and average for 91 (B) and 22 (F). The larger of these two value example) is then applied to the solid curves, and the to the dashed curves, in Fig. 17—5. d as are those' 5 (25° in this smaller (15") If the plagioclase is a low 47 is obtained. Thus, extinction‘ / . in nlbire |wim of phgiudnxc. ...
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