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KIC004426 - 90x15(BOX 3 The main low relief mineral in this...

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Unformatted text preview: 90x15 (BOX 3): The main low relief mineral in this sample is a tectosilicate but is not a feldspar. Identify the mineral and list at least 2 or three properties that g helped you identify it. How could you distinguish this mineral from the one you looked at in sample 91x7? / fltfi puma? /} tardl'er/IJL, TWIhnrrg f dyélu. +ulw5 077(1; 3/9”] Erotic/dale) 'flnl-M'M/ PSC“CJO#6<A§0AJOI crysr‘wl l.‘\:'.“" PA” ’9” (+31» -3 JW’95 ' ' . i ' r V , Um; M»: "W 31‘? rte/"h" ‘ H B, firm-44.1 M‘I‘ half“ M "5'-.'-.‘: ,2, ...
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