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KIC004417 - j 38° n if'7 3 LC w UL The following slides...

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Unformatted text preview: j 38° } n if} ('7 3 LC w UL]? The following slides contain the following amphiboles: glaueephaoe, We. WWW Webbed: Each mineral is in a separate slide. Most of these minerals are part of solid solution series. however, only one complete series is present in this group of slides. Identify the dominant amphibole in each slide, list the critical observation(s) that brought you to this conclusion, sketch an example of the mineral, and state in which type of rock(s) the mineral is usually found. 3142 (Box 5): l/ Harnblam‘la / WMIV/Zwt Lfoox ;/ (”Wdet-JM Volta v. w; ,/ o 5 0"'(. . Shmflt/ D/efichhctc, Gram 4° Eran-w, .56” — M4“ dew/399 . $ym”‘/fir’lgk( cgfimb'fifi") 0' 1-!!ij 2!.th XPL - Brer'af (—\ (Ifltmsuprtr 3109 (Box 5) Ignore the mineral with bird’s eye extinction: . Sum; m Sflplm‘tlnl'LLS TWO/ille— AMk’PhYHfl—Q 400% . Ora. Lleatfise. m louse-Loci “at sec-km lat/1.3 izrl§W&-‘._Lw U‘VQFAH -(0forfe~z.¢; m EDL ...
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