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Lab 4 (7) - f A If M fm ffiafl 7 P-NM-l lb from the...

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Unformatted text preview: f A If M / fm ffiafl/ 7) P-NM-l lb from the Madera Formation}k has many different quartz types including polycrystalline quartz, monocrystalline quartz, hydrothermal quartz, an chert. The most abundant variety of quartz is the monocrystalline quartz. Monocrystalline quartz is 90% of the quartz types in the slide. The abundance of the other quartz types, ranked fi'om greatest to least ?&V‘€ Kaolinite is visible in a larg spacesurrounded by quartz. A l rutile can be seen. Due to the large amoé 1sh brown grain of ts of quartz an lithi s, the slide is a sublitharenite. The grain size ranges from medium to coarse sand. The averag grain size is coarse sand. The sample is moderately sorted, subangular to subrounded, and sub ature. Cements present in this slide are hematite and quartz overgrowths. The rock name fort ' sample is moderately sorted coarse ./'_“\> 7 (W W [flak/e J L10 in “(mg/c 61th W 7 ...
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