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Lab 6 (1) - Folk Pelmicrite Dunham Packstone Cement Spar...

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Unformatted text preview: Folk: Pelmicrite Dunham: Packstone - Cement: Spar cement between Pelloids Porosity: Little to none 2. P-TX-41a Folk: Packed Blomicrite ‘/ Dunham: Packstone - , Cement: micrite (Spar cement fills shelter pores and biomoldic pores) Porosity: Biomoldic q (( €ng c; 3. 0-TX-1 Folk: Poorly Washed Bios rite Dunham: Packstone " Cement: Sparcement . . I . admire» 7 < Porosity: Little to none 4. J-NM-2 Folk: Algal Dismicrite Dunham: Algal Mudstone Cemenfi Porosity: Fractured porosity, Fenestral porosity filled by spar 5. K-TX‘1 Folk: Poorly Washed Biosparite Dunham:.tone Cement: Syntaxial Overgrowths, Spar Cement 1", Porosity: Little to none 6. P-NM-IO Folk: Pisosparite Dunham: Grainstone Cement: Spar/Bladed Spar Cement 4, , , I __,..—-—— ...
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