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1 EMA 4666C POLYMER PROCESSING LABORATORY EXPERIMENT 7 -INJECTION MOLDING PROCESS PURPOSE: To learn the operation of an injection molding and the relationship between injection molding and impact strength. MATERIALS:ABS Polycarbonate: hydrated and unhydrated EQUIPMENT:Simplomatic Injection Molder Tinius-Olsen Impact Tester Long Tweezers Safty Glasses Thermocouple Heat resistant gloves PROCEDURE: ABS 1. Turn the machine on and set the temperature controller to 370 ° F. While the machine is heating up, fill the hopper with the ABS pellets (colored). Turn the hopper control on (clockwise) and fill the heating chamber. Turn the hopper off when the heating chamber is full. The set temperature is reached once the light on the thermal couple switches from RED to GREEN . Measure and record the temperature of the pellets in the heating chamber. 2. Turn the MOTOR on when the operating temperature is reached. Close the safety shields in front and in the rear of the mold, as well as the shield on the heating chamber. Press the MOLD button to close the mold. (Note the mold may automatically re-open. Wait 15 seconds and retry if this occurs.) Measure and record the temperature of the heating chamber and the mold with the thermocouple. Begin molding when the temperature has stabilized at the set temperature ( 5 ° F) 3. Press the RAM ON button to begin molding. Measure time in seconds from activation of the ram to deactivation of the ram. Press the RAM OFF button after 20 SECONDS to stop the molding sequence. Press the MOLD button to open the mold. Record the total elapsed time of molding as the cycle time. This is the time from when the ram was activated to when it was turned off. Open the safety shield and remove the molded part and the excess polymer using the long tweezers. DO NOT TOUCH THE MOLD, HEATING CHAMBER OR MOLDED PART. Close the safety shield before
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