Compounding by Extrusion 1997

Compounding by Extrusion 1997 - EMA 4666C POLYMER...

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EMA 4666C POLYMER PROCESSING LABORATORY COMPOUNDING BY EXTRUDER PURPOSE: To determine effectiveness of mixing in extruder and to learn the basics of blend characterization and miscibility. MATERIALS: Polycarbonate and PS in pellet form. EQUIPMENT: 1" screw KL-100 extruder, mixer, take-up equipment, and gloves. PROCEDURE: 1. Heat the barrel and die to at least the melt index of the materials and allow the barrel to "soak" at this temperature for at least ten minutes after the temperature reaches the desired level. 2. Mix PS pellets with Polycarbonate using the mixer. Five 1 kg- materials are needed. These are pure PS, 25%PS/75%Polycarbonate (PC), 50%PS/50%PC, 75%PS/25%PC, and pure PC. 3. Turn on the extruder at the lowest possible speed. Never adjust the motor speed unless the motor is running. Set the screw speed at 20 RPM. 4. Pour the material into the hopper (a few pellets at a time) until the material flows smoothly out of the die. 5. Fill the hopper to what ever level you wish once you satisfied that material is flowing
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Compounding by Extrusion 1997 - EMA 4666C POLYMER...

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