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Compounding by Extrusion 2003

Compounding by Extrusion 2003 - EMA 4666C POLYMER...

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EMA 4666C POLYMER PROCESSING LABORATORY COMPOUNDING BY EXTRUSION PURPOSE: 1. To learn how compounding is performed using an extruder. 2. To utilize compression molding as a tool for facilitating sample preparation. 3. Use dynamic mechanical spectrometry as a tool to help determine the effectiveness of this extrusion process for blending polystyrene and polycarbonate. MATERIALS: Dow Styron brand polystyrene (PS) pellets and General Electric Lexan brand polycarbonate (PC) pellets. EQUIPMENT: A 1 inch diameter KL-100 extruder, a mixer for batching the various compounding mixes Storage bags and electronic balance A uniaxial hot-press apparatus for producing thin films, film mold and calipers A dynamic mechanical spectrometer Safety glasses and heat resistant gloves PREPARATION FOR THE EXPERIMENT: 1. Study chapters 3 and 4 of the text by D.H. Morton-Jones entitled Polymer Processing or any other text which reviews the operation and characteristics of the various types of extruders used for polymer-based product manufacturing. 2 2. Look up the melt flow temperatures for PS and PC and suggest the appropriate processing temperatures for the three barrel zones and two die zones of the extruder. 3. Obtain literature values for the density of the PS and PC homopolymers. (Try Modern Plastics as a first reference for these values 1 ). 4. Estimate the density of the three polyblends based on these literature values using the Rule of Mixtures. PROCEDURE: Compunding/Extrusion 1. Heat the barrel and die of the extruder to the conditions listed below in Table 1 for the polystyrene sample. Allow the extruder barrel and die to soak at these temperatures for at least ten minutes. Table 1. Suggested temperature profile for the extruder. Sample Zone 1 Temp. Zone 2 Temp. Zone 3 Temp. Die 1 Temp. Die 2 Temp. Polystyrene
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  • Spring '08
  • Brennan
  • Extrusion, polymer processing, EXTRUDER, extruder rpm, dynamic mechanical spectrometry, diameter KL-100 extruder

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Compounding by Extrusion 2003 - EMA 4666C POLYMER...

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