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Evaluation form - The scores should accurately reflect the...

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Polymer Processing EMA 4666C Team Evaluation Form CONFIDENTIAL – Submit Directly to Instructor Evaluator Name: Student I.D. # : Experiment Title: Team Leader: Scoring: This evaluation is intended to be confidential. Each team member is scored by the other team members based upon participation in all phases of the laboratory. A team members score should reflect the percent participation/contribution to the three categories listed.
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Unformatted text preview: The scores should accurately reflect the opinion of the Evaluator . Absences should be explained below. Evaluations: 5: Highest Score, 1: Lowest Score Team Member Name Lab Preparation Data Collection Preparation of Report Comments: Signature:________________________________________ Date: Fold and Submit directly to: Professor Brennan 317D MAE 8106542e20ee93bb5111443e9ff489f126742f23.doc...
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