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July 17, 2011 Phil Hastings 2-6 Boundary Row London SE1 8HN UK Dear Phil, Enclosed is my copy of Griskey. The pages have markings throughout the text that identify the errors and major areas for change. I hope you realize that from a teacher’s point of view, this text would appear to be a collection of research findings by the author. This is a harsh statement, however, when one attempts to explain terminology and methodology to a student, the complete definition, equation and or figure must be provided. Griskey has arranged the text with no forethought of consistency of units, explanation of his non standard terminology nor evaluation of problems. The result is that the student is constantly expected to “read the author’s mind.” The examples are usually incomplete or incorrect with respect to the values used by the author.
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Unformatted text preview: This is a serious problem in chapter 4. The reason for selecting the text was the inclusion of heat transfer and mass transport which no other text contains. Thus, the arrangement of the text as well as the subject matter is quite good. I hope these comments are helpful, since my interest is a more complete, accurate and consistent textbook. Please feel free to contact me directly at 352-392-6281 if you wish to discuss any aspect of the text or my comments. Please return this copy when you are finished, since there maybe some corrections I have not transferred to the extra copy you delivered. Best regards, Anthony Brennan, Ph.D. Associate Professor Enclosure: Griskey text pc: Mr. Steve Hawe...
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