To Get A Psych License

To Get A Psych License - 510-2-.05 Internship and...

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Unformatted text preview: 510-2-.05 Internship and Postdoctoral Supervised Work Experience. (1) Requirements.In order to satisfy the experience requirement for licensure the applicant must have completed an internship or residency and a postdoctoral supervised work experience (SWE). (2) Definitions.(a) An Intern(or Resident) is a person who is engaged in the predoctoral year of applied experience in a psychological internship or residency. (b) An Internship(or Residency) is an organized, coherent set of training experiences in the specialty/concentration area of the practice of psychology (i.e., clinical, counseling, school, mental retardation/developmental disability or industrial/organizational psychology) that are characterized by greater depth, breadth, duration, frequency, and intensity than practicum training and is either APA accredited or meets the equivalency criteria set by the Board. (c) An Internship Siteis a setting in which an internship occurs and is either a hospital, accredited school, university, consulting firm, public agency, public or private organization, or public or private practice. (d) A Fellowis a person who is engaged in completing a postdoctoral supervised work experience or a post-doctoral fellowship. (e) A Postdoctoral Supervised Work Experience(SWE) is 1500 hours of individually supervised experience following the internship and the completion of the doctoral degree. (f) An Internship or Postdoctoral Supervisor(internship/SWE Supervisor) is a person who oversees an internship or SWE and who meets one of the criteria outlined below. 1. The internship/SWE Supervisor who is a psychologist must meet the following requirements: (i) Current licensure by the Georgia Board of Examiners of Psychologists or current licensure by a psychology board in another jurisdiction whose standards are not lower than those of Georgia; and (ii) Three years of practice as a licensed psychologist prior to the inception of the supervision. Practice under a temporary or provisional license does not accrue toward the three year period. 2. A Senior Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychologistis a person who has earned a Ph.D. in I/O psychology or a related field within the discipline of psychology, and who: (i) Meets the educational requirements for licensure of I/O psychologists; and (ii) Has completed five years of independent practice concentrated in one or more of the following domains: (a) Employee Selection and Placement; (b) Performance Management; (c) Human Factors and Engineering Psychology; (d) Organization Development; and (e) Training and Development. Fulfillment of this practice requirement shall be documented by three other psychologists, who are licensed and are members of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, who attest to the nature and extent of the candidate's expertise and work experience, and to the quality of work; and (iii) Provides documentation of achievement and competence in the practice of I/O psychology. Fulfillment of this requirement shall be documented by provision of psychology....
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To Get A Psych License - 510-2-.05 Internship and...

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