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Full Outline Thesis: Although Australia and Europe are fascinating places to visit, they have some definite differences. I. Currency A. Australia's currency is the Australian dollar. 1. Each Australian dollar is equal to 0.8293 U.S. dollar. a. Because the U.S. dollar is stronger than the Australian dollar, we get more for our money. b. For instance, if we find a souvenir such as an Aboriginal didgeridoo, we might find a plain style for AUD$225. 1) In American dollars this price would be 187.427. B. The European Union currency is the Euro. 1. Each Euro is equal to 1.34600 U.S. dollars. a. Because the Euro is stronger than the U.S. dollar, we get less for our money. b. For instance, if we bought the same Aboriginal didgeridoo mentioned earlier, for 225 Euros, it would cost us 302.918 U.S. dollars. II. Location/Distance A. Australia is located in the Pacific Ocean. 1. From Chicago, Illinois, it is 9235 miles. a. When traveling to Australia from the U.S., we cross the International Date Line. 1)
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Complete_Comparison_Contrast_Full_Outline - Full Outline...

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