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Case Number 2.1 - Case Number 2.1 Name Class Date Alireza...

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Case Number 2.1 Name Alireza Ghoorchian Class MGMT 31 Date Sep 15, 2009 Home Work Assignment Case Study Question 1: Dr. Cuffe stated: “I see a heightened need to make sure the administration hears the concerns of patients. Not that they’re deaf to it. But that’s what needs to improve.” What steps could Duke Administrators, or managers of any other organization, take to make sure the concerns of customers are heard? To make sure the concern of the costumers are heard they could’ve assigned physicians to contact infected patients and meet with them in person at their homes or at the hospital to examine them. The best way to listen to their concern is to meet face to face. Thus, costumers would feel cared for. Another solution for management to meet with the patients is to schedule a public meeting with patients and hospital staff to address all questions and concerns. The group responsible of communication with costumers should keep in touch and keep them updated on internal investigations and steps taken in order to resolve issues like this.
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