quiz1 - Free Will vs. Determinism - Determinism: The...

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Free Will vs. Determinism - Determinism: The assumption that everything that happens has a cause or determinant in the observable world. Free Will: The belief that behavior is caused by a person’s independent decisions. Health Psychology: Study the relationship between physical and psychological health. Forensic Psychology: Study criminal behavior. Wilhelm Wundt: experience is composed of elements and compounds much like in chemistry. Edward Titchener: Structuralism: How people understand the components that make up the structure of something. William James: Functionalism: He was interested in learning about how people produce useful behaviors. Ernest Becker: one of the last great “big picture” thinkers. He argued that the fact that we know we are going to die someday is the primary motivating force that guides our everyday behavior. Terror Management Theory: Asserts that when a person is primed to think about their death, he or she becomes observably hostile to people with different beliefs and observably more fond of people with similar beliefs. IQ-The average IQ score for all age groups is designated as 100. 68% of people supposedly fall within one SD unit above and below the mean. 95% supposedly fall
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quiz1 - Free Will vs. Determinism - Determinism: The...

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