quiz2 - -The Visual Receptors Cones: are utilized in color...

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Cones: are utilized in color vision, daytime vision, and detail vision and are most plentiful around the center of the retina . Rods: are adapted for vision in dim light and are most plentiful in the periphery of the retina . Fovea: the center of the human retina, and the location of the highest proportion of cones . --Subliminal Perception: is the idea that a stimulus can influence behavior even when it is so weak or brief that we do not perceive it consciously . Cant do: advertisement, messages in music, audiotapes-Can do: priming --Feature Detectors: specialized neurons that respond to the presence of certain simple features, such as angles and lines. تروص waterfall illusion --Phi Effect: in which your brain creates motion from rows of adjacent lights blinking on and off sequentially. -- Stroboscopic Movement: an illusion of movement created by a rapid succession of stationary images. -- Color Vision theories 1-The Trichromatic Theory: our receptors respond to three primary colors. Short wavelengths are seen as blue. Medium wavelengths are seen as green. Long wavelengths are seen as red. 2-The Opponent-Process Theory: we perceive color not in terms of separate categories, but rather in a system of paired opposites. Red vs. Green Yellow vs. Blue White vs. Black 3-The Retinex Theory Color constancy: the tendency of an object to appear nearly the same color even though we see it in a variety of lighting conditions. -- Monocular cues:
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quiz2 - -The Visual Receptors Cones: are utilized in color...

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