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History Aye Chan Ainu Mike Martin The Ainu The Ezo, more commonly known as the Ainu, are an indigenous people, of Japan and Russia Residing mostly in the Kuril islands, Hokkaidou, and Sakhalin, the Ainu people spoke their own language, and practiced their own traditions for centuries. Today those who identify themselves as being of the Ainu people, still live in these three areas. They were referred to as Kuril Ainu, Hokkaidou Ainu, and Sakhalin Ainu. The word Ainu in the Ainu language mean human, mirroring kamui, the gods of the Ainu. Pure blooded Ainu no longer exist in today’s society. Much discrimination and out casting being the cause, many Ainu in history have actively sought to mix blood with the Japanese, in an attempt to help lessen the discrimination against their children and children’s children. Due to the fact that the term Ainu has been historically used as a slur and derogatory term, today many Ainu refer to themselves as Utari instead, which in the Ainu language means comrade. Various blood tests and studies have been done on the current Ainu of Japan and even of the Japanese people, resulting in interesting data. Over 70 percent of the Japanese tested had some level of Ainu blood running in their veins. The Ainu culture depended greatly on hunting and fishing, they ere a hunter- gatherer race of people. The traditional culture of the Ainu is a very different scene than the culture of traditional Japan. Men had full beards and mustaches in their old age, not
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shaving their body past a predetermined age. Women were tattooed from a young age
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History - History Aye Chan Ainu Mike Martin The Ainu The...

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