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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon h x J ” “* shortly before 5 am GMT, Wednesday airfield in Payerne, 80 miles northeast of Geneva. Switzerland The plane is being piloted by Andre Borschberg h & co-founder of the project, Bertrand Piccard A solar-powered aircraft which one day hopes to circle the globe has started a 24-hour test flight in Switzerland.h If the 24-hour flight is successful, a second airplane will be designed to fly much further next year, with the aim of flying across continents and the Atlantic
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Unformatted text preview: Ocean. The challenge to fly a solar plane around the world was officially announced in 2003. This is a very good invention. Airplanes that can use the sun for energy are important in helping the ecosystem by using less fuel for planes. I hope that solar planes can become better, and eventually replace planes that use fuel. But, I think the cost is expensive, so it will take a long time to make solar airplanes useable....
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