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Creative writing 3 page paper - John Kinder Creative...

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John Kinder Creative writing Short story Untitled Riding on the last train out of the station during a storm is perhaps one of my least favorite experiences. Waiting in line at the station for the last train is perhaps the only thing worse than the ride itself. At least on the train you can relax; here you are standing for 20, upwards of 30 minutes assuming that everything is running according to schedule. Setting down her carry-on Kanna begins to take out her book when her phone rings. “Hello? Yes, I’m all done for today. No, I’ll make it by 2 tomorrow, its all been taken care of.” Nearby a butterfly is fluttering around, and then is caught by a cat. She pauses slightly, then continued, “You really do worry too much honey.” Hanging up, she sighs. “When will she learn to relax? Honestly….” Kanna shudders with an uneasy feeling. Hearing the platform call, she extends the handle of her carry-on, and pulls it behind her onto the train. Unusually crowded for a Wednesday night, Kanna starts to feel annoyed. Having spent all day researching the last thing she wanted was to ride home in a car of bustling school kids back from their half-year observation trip to the mountain. Suddenly, she became aware of the gentleman to the left of her on the opposite side of the car who had been cautiously watching her since boarding the train. Breaking contact, she pushed her bag further under her seat, focusing on the image of a firefly in her mind.
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“Hey Vladimir, pay attention to your training, you start duty in three weeks.” Startled, a young man about 24 years old who had been dosing off suddenly sprung awake, knocking over the small bookcase next to him. Nonchalantly, “Da, sorry about th- …”the young trainee started to apologize, when he was suddenly cut off by his superior. “You just pay attention and there will be no need for apologies.” Taking his seat, he looked questionably at the dark cloak and metal armor that would be the uniform he wore the rest of his life. Once a person joins the hunter academy, there was no other path in life. That was seven years ago, the now feared Hunter Vladimir. Sitting alone in the platform’s warming house awaiting his next assignment, Karolek Vladimir thought to
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Creative writing 3 page paper - John Kinder Creative...

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